Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Etsy Bitsy

For those of you who are not already hard on the Etsy bandwagon .... let me take this opportunity to put you in the know!  Hip as I think I am (and as you all know I do think myself to be quite hip) I only just learned about this website.  So I have to acknowlege a huge shopping fail on my part.  However pushing past that, I would strongly recommend that you think of this site as an arts and crafts fair, meets a garage sale, meets a thrift store, all stationed online. 
The selection is just as wide as the price ranges. 
  • The blue wedding dress below is $2200.00
  • The beautifully intricate blue gem stoned necklace is a mere $40.00 bucks. 
  • The hand crouched foot lace shown below for your beach apparel runs at $10.00
  • Paper Pom Poms for your home, party or otherwise are about 4.00 each
  • The never ending array of clutches can run as low as 22.00 or reach heights of 200.00
  • Rockabilly dress 45.00
  • Paris Candles 11.00

There is something on here for everyone!  I'm chalking this up as one of the major wins that I stumbled across while working my way through the tedious nonsensical hoopla, that crazy people lovingly refer to as wedding planning.  I'm thanking Real Simple Weddings for putting me onto this one stop shopping gem.

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