Sunday, July 24, 2011

My SoCal/San Diego rant

Ok so this one has been brewing a long time I just have not had the time to put finger to keyboard on the subject.  It's been a bug under my skin for the past year even before I made my personal move from Cali to the Midwest.  And here it is:  People who leave Socal/San Diego and say that the only thing they miss is the weather.  If that is the case than you obviously did not use your time there wisely.  Whenever I hear someone say anything along those lines I actually find it to be one of the saddest attempts at prestaged social disconnection I have ever heard. 

We all know those people.  The ones who try to make themselves greater by always managing to find a way to put everything and everyone down ever so slightly.  Those folks are useless.  So what your telling me is  you lived 4 hours from Vegas, 2 from LA, and maybe a half hour from PB, MB. OC or the gaslamp and you really couldn't find anything to love or miss about SoCal?  If you were smart you bar hopped via bicycle, you spent long hours in a sun that wouldn't quit, you wore cute dresses, shorts and open toe shoes all year round, you had the option to surf, rock climb, hike or snowboard all within the same day and the best you can come up with are witty little quips about how you only miss the weather?  Yawn............... your coolness bores me. 


  1. So you miss it? :) me too....for so many reasons. I don't miss the cost of living, but everything else....miss it dearly.

  2. Amen!!
    I miss everything about San Diego! Most of all, my family.
    I hate when people ask me(and they still do after 3 yrs) "do you miss San Diego?". Really?! Have you ever been to San Diego? There is so much more than the weather that I miss!

    Miss you Mary. Xoxox