Saturday, October 1, 2011

Natures Emotional Antiseptic

I used to think that people who cried openly were weak.  I never understood how they could be comfortable exposing themselves so freely in front of the world.  It was embaressing to watch.  But as I get older and I begin to understand myself better, I begin to see more and more that happiness takes work. 

It is not something that just comes magically.  Sure, some people are more optimistic by nature than others, but that optimism is always there working against something.  Its working against all the disappointments and let downs that life hands to us:  traffic, road rage, bosses who just won't or don't understand, struggles to make ends meet, frustration over not hitting your goals, personal disagreements with friends or family members, breakups, divorce, death, drug additction, depression, lonliness, the list goes on and on.

Whenever the body and mind encounters a situation that is too big for it to comprehend, and optimism is not able to do it's job, if your normal, you should get tears.  Pain is like a poison that needs to be bled from the system.  Tears are a natural antiseptic used to help purge the soul of foreign emotional antibodies.  They are a beautiful pressure valve designed to restore some semblance of balance and strength to an overwhelmed or shocked system. 

The tear is probably the most hated of all natural remedies.  They announce to the world that we are overwhelmed in some way.  So they are interpreted as weakness.  Society places an emphasis on the perceived power of stoicism and so strength is generally tied to the abilty to repress emotions, not to express them.  But I am beginning to see something brilliant and honorable in tears and a persons ability shed them when necessary.  They are proof positive that a person is fighting for thier balance, for thier happiness, for thier life.

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