Sunday, May 6, 2012

Year One - Let's Talk About It

Lying in Bed at nignt:

Me:                    Lorenzo?
Lorenzo:             Hmmm?
Me:                    Are we Best Friends?
Lorenzo:            No, now go to sleep.  .....
                         (long pause) .... We are
                         better than Best Friends.
                         We're Life Partners.
Me:                   We're gay?
Lorenzo:            (pause) ... Go to sleep.

 "That is where your getting your next purse from if you don't start acting right." Lorenzo nods in the direction of the Goodwill we are driving by.

" Won't it be amazing in the New System when we will all have the opportunity to
have perfect bodies...........  You won't have a trace of black in you."

My husband to his Cousin while we are in the field service car group:

Lorenzo:           I told him exactly what I thought about him.  It was the first time
                        in a long time I was genuinely mean to someone.
Me:                  Wait, what?
Lorenzo:         Other than Mary.

"  You know I can't understand a word you say when you speak immigrant"  Me to Lorenzo when he is frustrated that I can't hear him from another room.

Lorenzo:        Please don't yell in the hallway at the neighbors
Me:               I was not yelling in the hallway at the neighbors
Lorenzo:       Then what were you just doing?
Me:               I was yelling at YOU in the hallway that the neighbors HAPPEN to use.
Lorenzo:       Ghetto

"You see what a good husband I am?  First I bring you roses, then I yell at you.  Then I surprise you with a spa day."

Lorenzo singing from the other room:
Lorenzo:      Toniiiiiggght we are young. So let's set Mary on fire.  On Fire.  On Fiiiiirrrre
Mary:           Why are you setting me on fire?
Lorenzo:      With Love silly.  With Love.

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