Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2010 FB Status Likes......

I'm a facebook troller, there I said it.  Many of us are, most are ashamed to admit it.  As with most things in life I dont suffer from allot of shame.  So whether you call it the modern day "Peeping Tom" or the "Virtual Voyuer" the fact remains.... folks is nosey!   By way of proof I challenge you to count off the number of times you started a sentence with the words: Did you hear; Did you see; or So have you heard? within the past week and maybe we can all begin to embrace ourselves a little more honestly.

So with that said, my nosey tail keeps tabs on the facebook posts that I get a kick out of.  As well as the ones I absolutely hate.  That list will be revealed at a later date.  So below are my 2010 likes for most creative posts IMO.  Of course this list is tainted because it's all from my point of view, but this is my blog so if you don't like it you know what you can do.  Names have been withheld to protect the innocent......   namely myself.   

  • dun flexed my presentation skeelz at a board meeting. socks was knocked off. that'll go down in history. and by "history" I mean "official minutes"...
  • seeing tangled with my parents...THUG LIFE!!!

  • Friend on Facebook posted an update saying how "pumped" he is listening to Nickleback and 3 Days Grace while getting ready to go to the gym... Promptly de-friended

  • I have decided that its a proven fact: The ratio of brand new shiny white sneakers in a room is in direct proportion to the number of black people there are in said room.

  • It warms my heart to know there are people in this world that would , at a stop sign on the top of the 30th street hill, roll down their car window and with the most genuine sincerity and concern ask a complete stranger - who is doubled-over legs shaking grasping for air - if she is "all right"........

  • What does it mean when you tell a bartender to surprise you and she gives you glass of water

  • I woke up with an unwrapped cupcake in my hand...the question here is not who or how...its just simply thank you

  • Women always compliment me on my "restroom eyes".

  • cutting my own bangs while watching the garbage pail kids.... i dont want to talk about it

  • I'm a 6'4" guy laying on a 4 foot long couch. But by all means, keep complaining about "your" problems.

  • just had a gas spill at the gas station, and it killed a cricket...I feel like BP right now

  • When I see people that skinny....I wonder what their organs look like.

  • I'm preparing to cheat at bible pictionary...


  1. #1. Miss M has a blog? Oh yes!
    #2. Big ups to Omarr... aka Anonymous Witty Facebooker of the Century. ;)

  2. Def a major contributor but I had 2 or 3 other stallions in my stable who "did they thang". Its a shame people don't facebook more responsibly or this list would have been much harder to create.