Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Italy 101

In my opinion Roman women have the lock on monochromatic dressing.

Someone needs to teach Italians how to clean their beaches.  Come on people, the Amalfi coast is one of your biggest money makers.  Would it be too much to send someone out nightly with a trash bag and a litter stick?

Speaking of cleaning...... Naples..... Really?

Italian men are like peacocks on a runway.  You cant help but feel privileged to be watching the free show from your cafe seat.

There is no such thing as speaking softly in Italian

Gelato..... yeah, not so much.  I know I won't be popular for that one but what can I say? *shrugs shoulders*

If you wait long enough at any Roman monument a fashion photo shoot will inevitably take place.

Wandering the streets of Florence with your Ipod playing Paolo Nutini...... Highly recommended.

When Italians recommend their table wine, they know what they are talking about.

You do nothing all day and feel like you conquered the world.  That might be for Europe as a whole but..... whatever.


  1. Shrugging your shoulders is a fair enough reaction, but you really ARE out of your mind for being so underwhelmed about Gelato. Gelato is why I haven't committed suicide yet.

  2. If Gelato is the one thing holding you back from taking the big leap.... you have bigger problems than my po-dunk blog can address.