Sunday, February 6, 2011


Vladimir Kush

Just sitting at home viewing one of my favorite artists web sites when I decided that I should share. So lets see.... basically if you were to take Salvador Dali and leave him stranded on a desert island with Lewis Carroll and Walt Disney you would get Vladimir Kush.  If you enjoy surrealism, you cant deny the genius of this Russian born artist.  Kush leaves nothing to chance, you know exactly where he wants his viewers eye to be drawn because he lays his subjects out on canvas with a surgeons precision.  No single stroke of his paintbrush is wasted, no image left unfinished. 

I first discovered this artist on my fourth trip to Vegas back in 2006.  I was trolling the (then) Alladin Casino mall when I chanced upon  an inconspicuous art gallery in the middle of the mall passage.  As I passed I did a double take and quickly found myself mesmerized.  I spent about an hour pouring over the 10 peices that the gallery housed and found myself back again the next day, and every  year since.   My favorite has always been "Red Purse".  Which one will be yours?