Friday, February 11, 2011

A Real Decision Is Not Like A Preference...

This is for all of my people (and there are allot of you out there) who want different lives, who want change.  It's for everyone who is struggling with how to get from who they are to who they want to be.  The formula is as old as time.  It's really the same bible based truth we learn at every Kingdom Hall meeting.  However sometimes when the same old point is said differently from someone else..... for some reason it finally clicks.  I get motivated when I hear this.  I hope you do to.  Happy Living!


  1. Wow. Interesting point about people conditioning themselves to be depressed and staying there because its familiar to them.

  2. I know. I actually loved the point about people who start to enjoy life and dont feel like they can express it because of fear that their peer group will not be able to accept them in a happy state. Instead of saying: Im doing great! They say: Yeah Im ok.